No one forgets their first time, even when they want to. LOL!

The first time someone proposed to me, I was very young. We'd had two sons together. We'd fought, argued, broken up, gotten back together, moved apart, and moved back together.

When you've been with someone as long as I'd been with him, throughout my entire teen years, sometimes you take each other for granted and the thrill of being proposed to just isn't the same. I can't even remember feeling any excitement... just thinking in my mind that there was no way I'd marry him after all we'd been through. In truth, he didn't want to marry me either. He just didn't want to lose me.

The moral of the story... don't get married for any reason other than love, commitment and common life outlooks. You can't hold on to a person with marriage if they are ready to go. Marriage is hard work, and it can be downright torture if you jump into it for the wrong reasons.

It reminds me of an episode of Martin. Martin finally proposed to Gina to keep her from leaving and finished his proposal with "... are you happy now?" Big no-no. She said, "Yes, Martin, I am happy now." and then got up and walked away from him because even though that was what she'd always wanted to hear, she wanted him to want it too. It was better to walk away rather than end up like the marriage Tom Cruise had with Renee in that movie... okay, can't remember the name of the movie... LOL! It was Jerry McGuire. Nobody wants that.


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