So sad to admit or even to say, but many women are losing their self-respect and dignity because they have determined to be with someone through any means necessary. That might mean sex before marriage, or putting up with infidelity, or putting up with a host of other horrible personality issues such as laziness, criminal behavior, disrespect or even abuse. But here is the flipside to that compromise.

After we've kissed our dignity goodbye and lost respect for ourselves, and after we've embraced a person who is unhealthy for us, and after we've done all we can to make a bad relationship tolerable, then we realize we are still unhappy. We are still lost, hurting, lonely and miserable. And in that anger, we blame the men in our lives rather than taking responsibility for allowing them into our lives in the first place. And the cycle keeps repeating and repeating until we either give up or learn better.

Don't compromise anything that makes you who you are. Don't lower your standards of living for a companion. Don't deprive yourself of respect and dignity. Don't lose yourself for the sake of a relationship you think will make you happier. How could it if it is no longer a healthy you in it? Relationships must consist of two healthy people or they will most likely end with two unhappy people.