Men are mostly logic and ego, even when on the inside they are all heart. I spoke to a gentleman not very long ago who shared the worst proposal he'd ever made. He likened it to proposing on the big screen at a football or baseball game and being turned down. That's pretty bad.

He'd saved approximately a fifth of his income to buy this perfect, one of a kind ring. He had champagne, roses, a teddy bear, a card, and an expensive Italian dinner all planned out for that big moment. Though the lady seemed like she didn't want to go out that night, he assumed it was because she was a bit tired. He figured a romantic proposal would be just the thing to liven her up.

Well, when he popped the question, she began crying and flat out said no. Apparently, in those months of saving and paying on her ring, he'd been working extra hard and she'd been seeing no income improvement. She'd convinced herself that he was having an affair and had planned to end the relationship the next day. Talk about communication issues.

They did eventually get married, but he told me that her no felt like someone had just stabbed him in the heart repeatedly. He was so disturbed by it that it took him some time to even understand anything she'd told him. He never asked again. She had to ask him and he said it was hard to accept because she'd crushed HIS dream of giving her the perfect proposal, of seeing her face light up, and had stolen everything he worked hard for during those months of sacrifice.

Ladies, please... DO NOT jump to conclusions! He wants to see you happy, to see you smile and imagine within himself that he's given you something you've never had. But if a man invests his time, money and energy into you and into planning for you and by some form of miscommunication you reject him, it takes more than "I'm sorry" to fix it most times.


John said...

Right on. Men don't forgive as easily as women when their pride is damaged.

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