Ladies, maybe you've never thought about how difficult it is for a man to propose marriage to a woman, even if he is head over heels in love with her. He has to battle through a lot of things. Talk about nerves of steel!

He has to make sure he is ready to give up his solitude, which believe it or not, some men enjoy. He has to make sure he can provide for a family because it's hard to think marriage without thinking children, mortgage, car notes, grocery, etc. He wonders about his chosen lady... will she accept his proposal? Will she change on him after that ring is on her finger? Lord knows he's heard and seen enough horror stories to make him have night sweats! Will her sex drive drive away permanently as many a married men sit around and lament about? What if he does meet someone else down the line who is "better" for him? What if he disappoints his wife? What if she cheats? What if she loses respect for him? What if they get a divorce? Who wants to go through that? You can believe that he's not marrying you planning an escape route, but he has to face reality that divorces happen. What about children? Is he really ready to be a dad? The questions go on and on. Every man has to look at himself over and over again, questioning and re-questioning his ability to be a husband and whether he'll be rejected.

So, we have to give the guys a break. After all, it's common for women to have a support system when they have wedding fever. Everyone is encouraging and sweet and helpful. For men, often their friends' advice start with a "are you certain" type question followed by the million and one things he's already terrified of. If your man proposes, you can believe he's fought through some heavy demons to get to that point.

Be considerate when he asks, even if it isn't the most romantic proposal, or if the ring isn't what you want, etc. Don't be critical. That is a lesson for life, especially married life. Being critical will kill any chance of romance instantly!


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