When my ex-husband proposed to me, he did it in the most creative way. He was a creative man, though. All day long his friend kept asking me if I'd gotten my birthday present yet. I'd began imagining a new car or something HUGE so you can imagine my short bout of shock and disappointment, but then joy when Elias (the ex-husband) whipped out a beautiful birthday cake while being on one knee. And the cake read...

It took all of 45 seconds for me to get over the fact that I didn't get a new car for my birthday, and I'm only half kidding. It then took me almost exactly five more seconds to say yes. That was one of the sweetest proposals because he actually looked as if he was afraid I'd say no.

Hats off to you, Elias, for a unique proposal!


LaTonya Bynum said...

Congratulations! This is so sweet. Best of wishes.

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