I can still remember the first proposal. So, it wasn't romantic but boy was I happy to hear it from that good ol' country boy that had given me two sons (one died). While it didn't play out like a movie scene, not even a little bit, it did stay with me throughout the rest of my next relationship. Oh, I forgot to mention that he didn't ask until after I'd married someone else. I know. I know. That sounds horrible so let me clarify (as if the real story is any better)!

I'd wanted to get married since I was ten years old. When I finished high school, I wanted to go to the Air Force so bad I could taste it, but I didn't want to sign away any rights, temporary or otherwise, to my son. The other alternative at that time was marriage. So, since my long time boyfriend was afraid to do it (with good reason), I married one of my friends. While I was supposed to be on something like a honeymoon in a cheap hometown motel, my son's father popped up and begged me to get an annulment and he'd then marry me. Music to my ears, but it was too little too late. Needless to say, we never married though he tried for over a year after that. Now, why did I tell that embarrassing story?

First of all, the point is some men wait until it's too late to ask the question women have been dreaming about. Some men meet women they want to sleep with and see what happens after that. Most women meet men they want to get to know, marry and bare children with. See the disparity there. That's another one of those miscommunications that can cause you to miss out on something beautiful. That was the first time a guy waited too late to ask me, but it certainly wasn't the last. And in this I learned a valuable lesson: for the men who are predatory and wild by nature, sometimes they have no idea what they want until it is taken away or a real threat of it being taken away looms nearby. Why do you think all those sappy love movies all end the same way with the guy chasing down the cab or plane or train to tell the woman he just realized she is the one? THAT, my dear women, is true for many. I won't draw a final conclusion for you from that, but I did for myself- NEVER stay in a dead end relationship hoping he wakes up while my years dwindle away. If he doesn't know what he wants, it'll be obvious and many times (not all the time), it hurts too much to wait with your heart on your sleeve for him to wake up and see you as a treasure.


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