Okay, let's be honest. Most of us have had WAY more than one man (or woman for my male readers). Society isn't like it used to be when people were ashamed if they'd had even two partners. Nope. Now, we can openly brag about our conquests, though not so much so as women.

It's also a fact that women outnumber men. If you factor in the percentage of men that are gay, that means we have pretty stiff competition out there (pardon the pun cause it wasn't intended). No one likes to think they have to compete for attention or love, but facts are facts. Whether you're a Christian (as I am truly from my heart) or atheist, Buddhist or whatever, if you want to be married, you have to look at things as they truly are. So, how are they?

There are many men and even more women out there. Believe it or not, many of them are seeking love, but not all of them know it yet, and even fewer of them trust that they can find what they seek which makes them desperate. So dating has become more and more difficult as society becomes more and more accepting of overt sexuality. People are having more and more one night stands, more and more casual encounters, and fewer connections. Some men have in fact had so much easy sex that they are desensitized and can no longer discern marriage material that needs a little development from blatant and overt promiscuity. So with all those women who want what you want, how in the world do you separate yourself as a diamond among simple coal?

Stay tuned and you'll find out!


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