So here I am. I keep looking at myself in the mirror as if to find some hidden feature I haven't seen in all of my 34 years of life. I find something new every time, though, and that keeps me at a place of inventory. What does that mean?

Most women have a hard time being honest with themselves. We're either way too modest or way too critical, both of which are dangerous and destructive to our self-esteem and love life. But me, I've learned to be a realist. So each day, I have to ask myself this question: who am I really?

Well, I'm a wife (for the third time). I'm the mother to a 19 year old college student. I'm a business owner. I'm a traveling consultant and community activist. I'm a convicted felon, too, who used to live a life of crime. I'm so many things that I often forget who I am to myself. Those are the things I am to others. But, who am I to myself?

Am I as nice as most people think I am? Am I as naive as I'm thought to be? What motivates me to wake up in the morning? What pushes me past depression when it comes to steal away my laughter? What pushes me towards making others in my life happy? If I can't answer these questions, then there's no way I can have a happy marriage or a full life. So, that's where I'm starting this blog and the book that corresponds to it.


Joan said...

Always the bride, never the bridesmaid. Story of my life.

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