The end is near... and while you prepare for the close of another year, it may do you good to get out a nice little pen and paper and figure out the things you need to leave in this year.

I remember when I dated this guy who shall definitely remain nameless. I loved him so much. He loved me. But the relationship wasn't cohesive. Unfortunately, we called it quits, but that didn't change how I felt. I cried... A LOT. For those who know me, I'm not the type to cry in front of people if at all possible, but when this relationship ended, the tears would just pop out anywhere at anytime like a dysfunctional jack in the box. It was like adding insult to injury. (Whew! Glad that's over.)

When that year drew to a close, I decided I'd sit down, finish up my tears, and leave him and all the hurt in that year. Now, it wasn't quite so easy, but before the following year ended, I'd moved on with my life, the tears were gone, and I was smiling again. It may not feel like you can live without some people, but there are some people you'll have to live without anyway. It's better for you to accept it quickly, grieve and move on. Plus, there's that moving on part that can be sooooo exciting! There just might be a Morris Chestnut or Tom Cruise in your future. You never know until you release your past. And hey, even if all the future holds is a Cedric the Entertainer type or someone like Peter from Family Guy, if he loves you, accepts you and respects you, then you still came out on top.

(Teeheehee... Peter from Family Guy... I crack myself up!)


Jamie said...

Funny but true post. I hope I don't get a family guy nothing in my future though

Nichole Osborn said...

I'm glad I moved on in my life. I had a relationship like you mentioned. I cried...for months. Finally I got over it. Now I have my Tom Cruise(at times hubby looks like the younger TC)

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