Dating has a whole new meaning these days. In fact, it's funny to even think of all the new implications. The younger you are, the more pressure to make your relationship sexual way too soon. In fact, sex should come only after marriage, but I'm willing to bet less than 10 percent of those reading this post will agree with me and about 50 percent probably stopped right there because people want to explore their sexuality. The problem is, the sooner you introduce sex into a relationship, the least likely it is to work.

A good relationship is not built in the bedroom, though it certainly is sealed there and it grows there. On the other hand, a good bedroom experience can sometimes cause people to hang on to relationships that simply do not work. That's only one complication. How has sex complicated your relationships that ended in failure? How has it complicated those you are still in?


Anonymous said...

As someone older i can say that we are on our way to hell in a handbasket made of gasoline soaked wicker. Sex used to be special and it felt special. Now it is cheap but each person has to pay the price for their own choices. God help us all.

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