Dena was tired of Lamar's crap. She wasn't going to stand by for any more lies. She grabbed her bags and headed toward the door. She opened the front door and paused, turned around to face Lamar, and with tears in her eyes she said, "And to think I not only loved you, but you were my hero."

With that, Dena walked out of Lamar's life forever. There was never a sadder image, not that of a hurt woman walking out the door, but of a man who woke up a day late. It was as if he could hear those words over and over and over again. And after a string of women in and out of his life, no matter how much they cared, none of them ever looked at him the way Dena had. None of them saw him as a hero. Many didn't even see him as a man. WHAT IN THE HELL HAD HE DONE?!!!

It took a long time, but the day came when he and Dena crossed paths again. Only now, she was Gary's wife. Gary was a happy man. Lamar could look at him and see it. Dena was a happy woman and he was still looking for someone to have and to hold, that would love and honor him. DAMN, MEN CAN BE DUMB!

Maybe the day would come when he'd see that look again, when someone would love him and honor him again. But if not, he'd had it once in his life. He'd had a real woman who understood how to treat a man and he'd lost her because he was afraid to commit. But men, that doesn't have to be your story. You don't have to lose your woman. But once you've drained the well dry, gentlemen, it's too late then to say I'm sorry. There'll be no more water for you.

Guys, you need to learn how to grow in love with a woman and see her for who she really is. Learn the value of inner beauty versus the fleeting outer variety. And don't be afraid to be honest about your fears. It's better to keep your cards on the table than to hide them and wake up one day with nothing left.



Vicky Warren said...

Great story! It could so easily be true

K.T. said...

Looking forward to this book, Lacresha. Don't forget to forward me a review copy. I am now taking PDF version. XOXO

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