For some, the proposal is the big thing. They look forward to it so much that they don't ask the right questions at the right time. The fairy tale wedding dream takes over and it feels like fantasy when the proposal is when your feet need to be planted most firmly. After the ceremony, it's too late to start asking questions that should have been asked before hand.

Most people marry perfect strangers for one reasn or another. Maybe they were deceived by the suitor. Maybe they deceived themselves. Maybe they were too caught up in the romance to seek the important information about their chosen one. Don't let any of those be you.

You need to know who you are marrying. You need to know what they stand for, what makes them tick, what turns them on, what turns them off, how they treat others, what they have planned for the future, if they are responsible, if they are reliable, if they keep their word, if they honor their parents with or without reason, and so forth. If you don't know these very basic things, maybe you should slow down and take a breath, come back down to Earth and focus on what you are really about to do.


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