Okay, we all know that marriage is supposed to be forever, right? Now, let's explore that thought with the person you have in front of you before it's too late.

Here's a funny way to analyze your current situation:

Most of us get caught up in a moment, how handsome he is, how beautiful she is, how good they smell, how well-spoken they are, or how soft their skin is... whatever. You know we have those million and one things we brag on when a relationship is new. Seems we just can't find a single thing wrong with the man/woman of our dreams. To that I say, give it some time.

Our eyes begin to dull to the glow of that new penny after awhile. Then all of a sudden, that perfect circle isn't quite so perfect. Problem is, many times we wake up and we're already married. Then we start the nagging in a desperate attempt to change this person in front of us into our idea of perfect (like that will ever happen).

So, here's my formula. Before I get all caught up in those bright, flashy things that new relationships bring, I take a step back and a deep breath and begin my search. Okay, he takes off his socks inside out and leave them that way. I hate that now. What in the world will 20 years do to that part of my pet peeve? He talks with his mouth full of food in public. How humiliating? Can I handle that if he never changes it? You get the picture.

Don't lie to yourself about the man or woman in front of you. I know that new penny makes you want to play with it, love it, hug it and call it George, but it won't always be new. So, the real decision is see the truth now or see it later when it may possibly be too late to change it or save yourself from making a mistake.


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